Outdoor Roll Up Banner G66

1. The main structure adopts high-quality aluminum profiles, which are sturdy and durable, and have good wind resistance performance.

2. Suitable for advertising and promotion at the entrance of shopping malls, ball courts, coffee shops, and shops.

3. Anytime, anywhere, anyone can change the screen.

4. Replaceable screen for repeated use.

SEG Pop Up Lightbox BW322

1. It combines feature of lightbox and pop up display stand. It can be used as a background in meeting room, trade shows, press conferences, wedding, and other indoor events.

2. It more portable than traditional light boxes, because it has a foldable frame similar to pop up display. You can pull out the frame to make a background wall in 5 minutes without any tool.

3. It is more bright than pop up display. The edge-lit LED light is used to illuminate the graphic, making your ads more attractive to passers-by.

4. The silicon strips sewn on the edge graphic are pressed into the grooves of frame. The graphic is smoother, flatter and tauter than velcro pop up display.

5. Size:4×3 3×3 2×3 1×3

Outdoor Roll Up Banner V603T

1. Outdoor Roll-up Banner V603: Strong Wind Resistance, Withstands Wind Force of Up to Level 8, Suitable for Harsh Weather Conditions. Made of High-Quality Aluminum Material, Durable and Sturdy. Versatile for Various Outdoor Settings Such as Golf Courses, Parks, and More. Professional Outdoor Roll-up Banner Graphics Available, Suitable for Use in Wind and Rain. We Are the Most Experienced Global Provider of Outdoor Roll-up Banners.

Double-sidede SEG Lightbox SLB10

1. SEG Lightboxes are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants, art galleries, shops, museums and any indoor events to promote products and activities. The double-side design of lightbox makes your ads displayed to pedestrian effectivly.

2. The snap frame make it easy to assemble and the pieces of frame are snaped together without tools.

3. The SEG graphic is thrust into the perimeter of the lightbox to creat a frameless style.

4. Put the lightboxes side by side to form a big wide background. The frameless structure allows the edges of the graphic to be connected together well.

Roll Up Banner Q33

Roll-up Banner Q33, a product that our company has successfully manufactured for 20 years. Through continuous optimization, Q33 has become our most cost-effective roll-up banner, while still maintaining exceptional performance and quality. It is equipped with multiple protective measures to ensure durability and is particularly suitable for express shipping.

We offer professional graphic printing and installation services, ensuring environmentally friendly graphics that won’t curl at the edges.

Telescopic Flag FB31

1. Equipped with aluminum telescopic pole, the height of flying banner can be adjustable(2-4m).

2. The feather graphic or the teardrop graphic can be share with one flag pole.

3. We have aluminum poles with various inner diameters to match most of base on the market.

4. We have a variety of base for your choice: X base, cross base, round base, rectangle base, car foot base, metal ground stake, plastic auger stake.

5. The graphic can be printed by fluorescent ink and you can choose single-sided or double-sided graphics.

Graphic Printing

We are pleased to offer you eco-friendly digital printing services. We deeply understand the importance of environmental conservation, which is why all the printing materials and inks we use are environmentally friendly. This ensures that the colors in the prints are highly accurate and remain vibrant over an extended period, with minimal fading.

Every day, we use express shipping to deliver satisfactory prints to customers all around the world. Simply send us your design files, and we will complete the printing process for you, ensuring timely delivery of your order.

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What makes the Outdoor Roll Up Banner G66 unique?

Acpass Display 2023 APPPEXPO

Our exhibition booth size: 6×6 (36sqm)Our product:Picture frame PF20/PFC30/PF40, SEG Pop up Lightbox BW322/BW311, Flying banner FB5/FB8/FB33, Poster banner GS901, Promotion counter PP32/PT32-P, and Roll up banner V603/V71/V801/V901.


ACPASS display 2021 APPPEXPO

Our exhibition booth size: 9×6(54sqm)Our product: Picture frame PF20/PF30/PF40, poster sign holder SFH01, SEG pop up promotion-counter BWT311.


Acpass Display 2020 Sign China

Our exhibition booth size: 3×6(18sqm)Our product: Roll up banner Q33, Picture frame PF20/PF30/PF40, poster sign holder SFH01, SEG pop up promotion-counter BWT311.


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