ACPASS Display: Journey of Evolution in Portable Display Systems

Founded in 2002, ACPASS Display was nurtured amidst the picturesque backdrop of Wenzhou, China, and has now emerged as a pioneering force in the realm of design and manufacturing of display systems. Our unwavering commitment to simplifying displays has been a guiding beacon throughout our journey, akin to a bright thread leading us forward.

Inception and Growth:
During our early days, a team of just 10 individuals embarked on a mission within the confines of a modest space, fueled by the ambitious vision of crafting superior portable display systems. In a short span of one year, our production area expanded to 3000 square meters, our team grew to 60 members, including seasoned engineers and adept quality control professionals. Today, ACPASS Display stands tall with a comprehensive product range spanning 7 major series and 370 distinct styles, each product bearing witness to our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Environmental Commitment:
The significance of environmental preservation runs deep in our philosophy. For us, environmental consciousness is not just a commitment but a responsibility. From graphics to stands, every raw material we employ is environmentally friendly, embodying our commitment to eco-sustainability. Our eco-friendly inks ensure vibrant colors endure the test of time and weather, remaining vivid and unfaded.

Trail of Innovation:
Innovation is our hallmark, propelling us relentlessly forward. From being pioneers in outdoor flagpoles to introducing the V-series Roll Up banners with broader bases, our product range has expanded to encompass 7 series and 370 diverse styles, all backed by 42 patents. Each product detail is meticulously crafted to ensure user-friendly convenience. In 2016, ACPASS Display underwent a revolutionary transformation. New designs were introduced, including the Poster Banner GS9 and SEG Pop Up w12 series. Concurrently, we embraced automated production to enhance efficiency. We intensified our focus on end-users’ needs, recognizing that their feedback is pivotal to elevating our products.

Graphics Printing:
We hold the belief that providing top-quality graphics printing offers clients a seamless way to acquire complete display solutions. Our retractable banner graphics not only boast vibrant colors but also remain free from curling at the edges.

ACPASS Display steadfastly believes that portable display systems are designed to offer clients the utmost convenience in showcasing their ideas.

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