1.About Product development and design

1.1 How many people in your R&D Team?

There are 5 people in R&D team, One for appearance design, two for functional structure design,  one is engineering process design, one for product inspection. 

1.2 What’s the idea of product development?

Supply more practicability display stand to customer, easy to use and the safety is our first job.

1.3 What’s the design principle?

More practicabilty for customer.

1.4 How often will the products be updated?

Each quarter we will collect the comments from our clients,and updated in next quarter. 

1.5 Do your product have any technical indicator? If yes, any details information?

Yes, each banner stand with their own technical indicator, including appearance indicator, the intensity indicator and product life indicator etc. 

1.6 Can you identify your own products?

Sure, we design and make all molds independent, so we can identify our products.

1.7 Do you have any plan about when introduce the new product on the market? 

In Mar and Oct every year, we will release our new products. And we will keep contact with customer in these days discussing the further product direction. 

1.8 What are the differences of your products among others factories?

The products we have that the design and development all by ourselves, we more pay attention to the practicabilty of our products. 

1.9 How do you design the appearance of your product? Any advantage?

We design the appearance of our product is according to the markeing and the using location of customers, we hope our design is suitable for display of any trade show, and can fully display the graphic. 

1.10 What’s main material of your products?

Our products main materail is alu profile, casting-alu, casting-zinc, ABS, PC,POM. 

1.11 How long to make mould?

usually it need about 60days.

2.About Authentication

2.1 Do you have any international Authentication?

We have ISO9001 and CE. 

2.2 Any ECO and Management certification ?

We have got Assessment and Audit of Enterprise Environmental Protection by China Environmental Protection Bureau. 

2.3 How many patents do you have?

We have 87 patents, including 11 patents for invention. 

2.4 Do you have any factory inspection by well-known customers in this industry? 

All the customers we cooperated have made factory inspection, and whose are well-known customers in this industry. 

2.5 Any safty do your product have?

Our products are safe to use and to transport. 

3.About production process

3.1 How long is the working life of each mould ?

Difference mould with difference working life, plastic mould is 1million times, alu mould is 10tons. 

3.2 How to maintain the mould daily?

We have a special warehouse to store these moulds, with regular inspect each month, also each mould need to do maintenance before storage. 

3.3 What’s the capacity of each mould?

Plastic mould with one million times, alu mould with 10tons.

3.4 What’s the production process? 

When get order will arrange the production plan, and according to the plan to prepare all spare part,then make final assembly. 

3.5 How long is the leading time?

We have difference leading time according to difference qty for each product, say 1 day, 3days, 7days, 30days, 45days, please check with our sales. 

3.6 Do you man MOQ? If yes, how many? 

Yes, we have MOQ, please check with our sales. 

4.About quality control

4.1 Any testing machine? 

Yes, the testing machine designed by ourselves.

4.2 How is the Quality inspection process?

Four-stages test. Raw material coming, production in the workhop, finish product to warehouse, before delivery. 

4.3 Do you have any quality complain before? How did you slove the problem? 

According to the complain, we will make test in the same way that customer used, find the cause and deal with it, form a new instruction docs to guide the further products.

4.4 Are your product can be traceable? If yes, how? 

We have manager each lot in our ERP and so we can track each order. 

5.About Product

5.1 How long is the product working life? 

Each display product with difference working life, normally is one year, maxi can be 3years or more, please check the description of each product in our website.

5.2 What series of products do you have?

We have: outdoor banner stand, indoor banner stand, exhibition banner stand, windowshow banner stand, promotion banner stand for shopping mall and grahpic printing. 

5.3 How many styles of each series? 

Each seriey has about 10-50 models.

6.About marketing and brand.

6.1 Which country/regions have your products entered?

Worldwide, main in Europe and American. 

6.2 With your own brand or OEM? 

Most products we sale to oversea market are OEM items. 

6.3 How do you do the marketing promotion?

We have attend some professional international exhibitions. 

6.4 Who are your competitors in oversea market? Compare with them, what’s your advantages?

We believe each company has their own characterisics, as long as they are in the market that means their products with advantages and worth to learing from them. 

6.5 Have you attend any international Exhibition? 

Yes, we have attend EUROSHOP. 

6.6 What’s your requirment for the dealer?

For the dealer should has ability to developing the market. 

7.About service

7.1 What are the specific contents of your product instruction? Any attention for the daily maintenance?

Please follow our product instruction, it has including installation and notice details. 

7.2 Do you have any office or warehouse abroad?

No, we haven’t. 

7.3 Do you have someone handle the complain and comments? 

Yes, we have. In our QC team someone will collect the complain and comments and give them to each departments. 

8.About company

8.1 What’s the history of your company? 

Since 2002, we have been in this business about 18years. Sometimes we did well also sometimes we did worse. We try to listening to our Customer and working hard to developing and make our customers satisfory.

8.2 What’s your position and ranking in this industry?

There is no ranking in the dustry, and we think we are doing a great job. 

8.3 What’s the nature of the company?

We are limited liability company.

8.4 Do you have any management systems?

yes, we have ERP and CRM. 

8.5 Do you have product liability insurance?

No, we haven’t. 

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