1800 fluorescent banners, open a new year !


After a week of hard work, we finally finished the 1,800 fluorescent banners ordered by Japanese customer in the first week of 2018 and started an extraordinary year of 2018.

Since 2016, the company began to offer fluorescent dye-sublimation solution, orders from East Asia, Europe and the United States have been continuously received, and the order size has been increasing year by year with a substantial increase in the number of orders. Many customers were only interested in the effects of fluorescence at first, but they all praised when receiving it with clean package,high-quality output.

At present, the company’s fluorescence program is widely used in printing indoor and outdoor banners, portable display equipment printing, and some advertising decoration printing.If combined with the company’s beach flag , it will be more excellent comparing with others.

The first fluorescent order in 2018 will surely bring our fluorescent solution into a gorgeous 2018!

Believe in 2018, Believe in Acpass, I believe our fluorescence program will give you more exciting!

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