About the perfect end of the 2018 SIGN CHINA


The delightful Mid-Autumn Festival has passed, and so has the restless 2018 SIGN CHINA. The two days before this exhibition can be described by the upsurge of people, the upsurge, and the extraordinary progressive process. The last day is when we all sing our hearts back home.

At the SIGN CHINA Shanghai International Advertising logo fair, ACPASS handed over a very good ad presentation paper, regardless of whether it was the latest product, the SW panel,

SW panel-2×4 lattices

Or the refurbishment of the LED promotion table,

LED promotion table PT31-500x1000mm

In the exhibition has drawn out a strong color, attracted a large number of participants in the audience, I do not know whether this is you ah?

Of course, it is our lamp box products that get the most attention-improving, becoming better, becoming more and more style, more to meet the market demand.

New style-SLB10-C-1000x2000mm

SLB18-D-1000x2000mm, easy to move and easy to move, with wheels added to the bottom.

In addition to the products, the scene was also very busy.

A crowded scene

A colleague explaining the product to a customer.

Exchange business cards with customers.

Give advice to customers and express the text.

Passing through the excellent temptation to withstand the product, stay a step to touch the product of the customer!

Of course, the exhibition is not all products and customers, as well as food and us!

The head of the case straightens out, stride forward ~

A wave of super incense! The super-fragrant popcorn attracted the staff of the next booth to eat the popcorn.

This exhibition is like this, things are not enough, the product is the introduction of the outstanding, the perfect end of the exhibition, sprinkle flowers~

Of course, the follow-up after the exhibition is far from over, we will see you again!

Also welcome the broad masses to take a positive message and pay close attention to ACPASS.

ACPASS wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day!

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