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Good products are not affected by geographical remoteness, and ACPASS–  –  a company that has proven itself by strength, is not affected in this respect. ACPASS products serve all end-users in all regions. Serve customers in different ways.

This time, our colleagues went to the United States to see what kind of display products we sent to end customers, how well our display ads worked for them, and how well we showed them in the United States.

These are our various   Flying Banner     D  isplays  , some of which look like blade, teardrops, and squares, with a variety of styling options that add to the display. And these   Flying Banner   are not single in height, and there are four different heights to choose from: 3, 4, 5, 6 meters.

These   Flying Banner   are chosen by many customers, elegant, fashionable, simple shape not only make them unique, but also make the product easier to install, easy to place, completely independent of the terrain.

Sand   B  each   D  isplay

Flowerbed   M  ud   P  ot   D  isplay

Store   K  ettle   D  isplay

Company Door Display

Night   G  rass   Display

The diversity of terrain allows  ACPASS ‘s beach banner ads to be displayed in a variety of ways.

However, there is also an important factor, I do not know if you find it, whether it is in the bright sunny day, or the night of neon lights, our products will always be very unique, let passers-by people in front of bright, because ACPASS customers are in ACPASS print  Graphic  , the   Graphic   color is bright, full color,  t  o become the focus of people’s eyes.

Another example is this flagpole, which is also ACPASS‘s advertising product in the United States.

The flagpole is made of Aluminum and a Plastic PP bottom kettle that holds 80KG of water. The water-filled flagpole is very strong and durable.

Flagpole can also swing with the wind, different angles display customer advertising.

The flagpole is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as the grassland in the picture below, the promotional area displayed on the beach flag above, and a variety of venues such as gas stations and parks.

The flagpole   graphic   keeps the color bright even when it is windy and rainy.

ACPASS is not only the maker of various   flying banner  , flagpoles,  roll up banner  , light boxes, and   pop up banner  , but also the printer of bright colors. If you also want a beach flag  ,  flagpoles     or   graphic,please   contact us  .

ACPASS will serve you wholeheartedly and will live up to your trust!

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