ACPASS DISPLAY Summer application test


With the July coming, the summer of  Wenzhou is coming onto the stage.

Weather become unsettled throughout the day with alternate rain and sunshine.

Test under the Sunny Day Test under the Rainy Day

he Flying banner of ACPASS DISPLAY Summer application test began at this time!

This test is with 3 main purpose:

1. The test of outdoor adaptability of Flying banner from July to September

2. The test of UV resistance of Flag printing from July -September, also test the color maintenance. 

3. The test of wind and rain resistance of Flying banner from July -September

In China’s coastal area, the high-incidence season of typhoon is from July to September, which is also the best time to start the outdoor products application test.

This kind of test we have done 10 years of this kind of test each quarter to test the different performance in different circumstances, thus the products can be updated and improved better.

This test proves that the flying banners from ACPASS stand out by working under the difficult conditions, even no feat of the typhoon!

If you need more information ,please contact us!!

Email us : info1@acpass.com.cn

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