ACPASS introduced 8-color direct textile printer, Improve the printing quality


December 25, 2017, the eighth direct textile printer was brought into the factory and completed the installation ,now has been in production. 

Since then, All ACPASS direct textile printers are upgraded to 8-colors printers.

Compare with the pass, The printers’ printing quality and printing speed have arrived a new level.

The newly 3.3-meter HBE3322 fabric 8-color direct textile printer, use new upgraded 8-color technology, the maximum resolution can be 1200DPI , not only supply vivid color & better color reproduction, but also make speed achieve 50 square per hour with high quality imaging output, greatly enhanced the output quality and production efficiency.

Since 2006, ACPASS started their textile printing business, and has been working on the supply of high quality picture output and the solution of display equipment.

 The company provides high-quality picture printers which are widely used in indoor and outdoor posters, light signboards & light boxes, indoor and outdoor advertising banners, exhibition imaging & background.

With the company’s indoor and outdoor flagpoles, roll up stand, poster stand, SEG pop up and SEG light boxes, The output imaging  widely provide one stop solutions for our customers from all over the world, deepened cooperation with customers from many aspects.

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