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Take the essence and discard its dross. This society will always develop positively. Trademark advertisements,h a nging  advertisements and printing advertisement  ,   We have retained these until now because they have an immeasurable impact on our social development and economic prosperity.

See now and looking at the future, the ad  will not disappear from this society in the future, and there will be more forms of advertising coming, like today’s telecommunications advertising.

With the development of the times, telecommunications technology has bring earth-shaking changes for advertising. As soon as the electronic products are turned on, the first thing that rushes into the ear is the anniversary of a certain shopping website, or something that  called 300 million people are using, etc.

  The forms of ad media are not unidirectional.

Some products have advertising media propaganda suitable for it, like some things use the publicity page    will be better, some need electronic media to spread, and some need display advertising. There are also      indoor and outdoor publicity media to promote. Today, I want to talk about our new roll-up. When it comes      to   roll-up, everyone may be embarrassed. Isn’t it a roll-up? If there is anything to say. it’s a big mistake,        most   people may be just considered that it is used indoors or outdoors for product promotion. You are right, but   you only see the usability of roll-up, which is too one-sided.ACPASS new style V603T for outdoor use,it is     very durable and artistic,beyond that it can give you Considerable and long-term advertising effectiveness.

Outdoor Poster Banner V603T

Product name:Outdoor Roll Up V603T          

Product size : 850*2000mm                         


Graphic material:PP  / polyester 

Graphic:Double-sided graphic     

Design : Standard、artistic and durable        

Product Weight  :  12.9kg ( 28.4LB )    

Product Gross Weight  : 16kg(35.2LB)   

The Product Details

1.The base details

Aluminium design,attractive appearence.Firm structure,long service life.

2.The support pole

 Three section design tube made of aluminiun ,more convenient to use.


Roll the graphic into the base soomthly.6 Color Eco-Solvent Printing or    8 color direct sub printing .


Thicker carton,elegant bag and safe transit

Why do we call it “outdoor”?

1. Spring 

 Spring is equipped with the support bar, making its graphic swing with the wind.

 2. Base 

  Base is wide and firm.

3. Spike

Spike insert the ground,enhance wind resistance.

From the above,V603T design just for outdoor use.

It’s simple and not simple, It can be used in the mall entrance  ,  exhibition hall,gas station, park, golf course and various competition places., and it is not subject to the single promotion of products. No matter what product, if you want to promote it, roll up will give you a better experience and effect.

So Roll Up times.

If you want get more details about V603T,please feel free let me know.

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