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ACPASS SEG Pop Up W22 products, the entire frame is made of aluminum; easy to disassemble, simply remove the rods, can easily pull the frame. And good quality and cheap.

ACPASS SEG Pop Up W22 is well suited for use as a background wall, and is portable, lighter and easier to disassemble than bulky panels, and can be installed successfully by an adult man alone.

Product name: SEG Pop up W22

Material: aluminum injection molding parts

Size: 3 x 3 rattles(2238x317x2238mm) / 3 x 4 rattles (2970x317x2238mm)

Can be customized: N/A

Is it equippted with light:Yes

W22-3×4 Empty Frame Weight: 10.7KG

W22-3×4 Edge Graphic Weight: 2.76mm

W22 Single Lattice Width: 773mm

W22-3×4 Frame Length: 2970mm

W22-3×4 Frame Width: 317mm

W22-3×4 Frame Height: 2238mm

W22 Rods Length: 703mm

W22 Rods Width: 21.68mm

W22 Rods Wall Height: 21.58mm

W22 Square Tube Length: 753mm

W22 Square Tube Width: 12.2mm

W22 Square Tube Wall Thickness: 0.9mm

W22 Package Weight(No Graphic): this is no graphic, only frame packaging and weight after packaging.

W22 Package Weight(Graphic): this is the total weight of W22 added to the graphic.

W22 Graphic Silicon Bar Assembly drawing & Snap Bar disassembly drawing

1-3 is a picture of the graphic installation: Just stick the silicon bar around the frame as shown and you can display your advertisement perfectly.

4-7 is the installation process of the frame buckle: Just install the buckles as shown in the diagram and the arrow on the buckles as shown in the direction of the arrow, so you can get an excellent background decoration wall.

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