Compare ACPASS-Roll Up Banner with others


To prove with facts and examples,ACPASS roll up banner is always your best choice.

Other Roll Up Banner

This roll up damages  your business!

1.The aluminium is thin and roll up cannot stand straight,so it cannot show your ads well.

2.The base feet is too thin to support its straight stand,leaving customs’distrust to your products.

3.The support pole is skew so the roll up cannot stand straight,causing safety risk in use.

4.This kinds of roll up is askew, cannot show your graphic in good condition, increasing your advertisement cost.

5.The roll up which cannot stand straight cannot contribute your business and damage your business image.

ACPASS Roll Up Banner

ACPASS professional roll up is your best choice

1.The aluminium is thick and roll up can stand stably and straight,showing your ads well.

2.ACPASS roll up can stand straight and keep straight and stand in a line after repeated use,making your graphic more aesthetic and improving your brand goodwill.

3.Good quality of Roller Banner support rod, ensure standing straight after repeated use,high safety coefficient and no need to worry the roll up will collapse when it is in use.

4.ACPASS roll up can stand in a straight line and be used in batches,decreasing your advertising promotion cost.

5.Straight stand roll up is good for your sales and show your positive business image.

Don’t worry, we can help you if your roll up banner has the same negative effect as above. 

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Or contact via email address: info1@acpass.com.cn,Tel:0086-577-86559902

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