FB31-01 A new telescopic flag pole


FB31-01 A new telescopic flag pole 

Please read this article carefully and patiently.you will find it’s a fantastic product.

Below is the product introduction for FB31-01


2.Frame Size:800x3360mm(exclude base)

3.Frame weight:0.7kg

4.Shape:Blade flag or teardrop flag

Details for FB31-01

1.Fabric graphic 

2.Steel pole   

3.Telescopic aluminum pole 

4.The top steel pole is inserted into telescopic pole.

5、Three heights of the pole can be adjust according to your requirement.

5.1 、2 meter graduations on the pole 

5.2 、3 meter graduations on the pole.

5.3、 4 meter graduations on the pole.

6.There is a hook at the bottom of the flagpole. Attach the cord to the hook to 

tighten the graphic.

7.Graphic: The single sided translucent graphic is made of Polyester and printed 

by 8 color direct sublimation printer.(double sided is customizable).

9.Base:FB3 flag matches FBG series bases.It can rotate in the wind.

The flagpole’s appearance can solve many problems for you.

1、You don’t to buy some specs Flying banners ,just one we have can supply you .

2、We can supply you a complete set of product with graphic,it can reduce the cost for you.

3、Stable and durable,long service life

4、Outdoor FB31-01 can resistant force 6 wind. 

5、The graphic display can be better printed by Acpass.

Flying banner FB31-01 is suitable for businesses and at outdoor venues for 

sporting events, festivals, and fairs.

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