Flying Banner-Rotating In The Wind More Freely


The flying banner derived from the English Beach flag. it is a flag type used in the popular  promotion and advertising industry in foreign countries.

The flying banner can be used in the mall entrance, exhibition hall, gas station, park, golf course and various competition places.

The unique flagpole design of the flying banner makes the flag graphic always open and at the same time cooperates with the rotating free bearing base,so whether the wind or  not ,the flag can fully display the promotional content. It is for outdoor advertising use with dynamic and strong visibility that can bring good display effect.

Flying banners are in varieties such as teardrop flag,feather flag and rectangle flag.You can choose any styles according to different situations, like shopping mall gate, square, garden, sport field etc.

 Our flying banner can stand in the fresh gale and completely satisfy your most outdoor activities. Our flags are also windproof,with getting typhoon tests passed in our factory.

ACPASS can not only supply your with best display stand ,also provide the best printing service. Fort the graphic we use 8-color printer to present vivid color.

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