How we fight coronavirus in company


Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus(COVID-19) in Wuhan, the virus has spread rapidly to countries around the world. As of March 18, more than 100 countries have been occupied, more than 180,000 people have been infected with the virus, and 8,000 people have died. Recent breakthroughs have been made in China’s epidemic resistance. No more infected cases have been found for many days in many regions and comfirmed cases have started to disappear in some places. The regions are orderly resuming production. However, the current situation  is still severe. Our company will strictly follow these steps to fight coronavirus.

1. Take a temperature check and record

Everyone should take a temperature measurement before entering or leaving the company. Those whose temperature is higher than 37 ° must not enter our company and must go home for observation or see doctor timely. When measuring temperature in winter, pull up the sleeves and measure the temperature of the arm with an infrared thermometer. If you measured temperature of forehead directly, it may be inaccurate because the forehead is exposed to the air for a long time and the its skin temperature is lower than the actual body temperature.

2. Scan the health QR code

All personnel entering the company need to scan daily health QR code through their Alipay. The green code is allowed to pass, and the yellow or red codes are not allowed to enter.

3. Strictly control vehicle entry

Only one car can pass at a time. Spray the entire vehicle with disinfectant before entering the company. Drivers and passengers should take steps 1, 2 to take a temperature and scan a health code.

4. Wear a face mask to work

Everyone in the company must wear a face mask, which can effectively prevent the virus from spreading through respiratory droplets and aerosol. The Employees shoud sit crosswise in office and everyone should distance more than one meter. We encourage employees to telecommute,if they can.

5. Bring your own food

Eating in the cafeteria can cause mass gathering infections, so the we does not provide meals. Everyone brings their own food and eats in office. No more than two people at a time.

6. Office disinfection

It can stay stable on hard surfaces as well. On plastic and stainless steel SARS-CoV-2 can last up to three days Before and after work, spray the disinfectant on the office desk, mouse, keyboard, door handle and other frequently touched places. Coronavirus can also exist in feces and urine, so disinfection of the toilet can not be ignored.

7. Isolation room and reception room

Outsiders cannot walk around at will and must stay in the reception room. If employee feels sick and has fever during work, he should be isolate in isolation room as soon as possible. At the same time, we will report to the community, then government will arrange a car to the hospital.

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