New display arm light is waving at you


New product coming ,this product with high lumens putout and low brightness decay,last long time. Year, new display arm light coming.

New display arm light PL series made by ACPASS with high lumens that common arm light can not do that.there are three styles available.

There styles arm light lamp heads to display.

PL30 display arm light

PL80 display arm light

PL90 display arm light

Display arm light introduction

1. ACPASS arm light PL series have low voltage and wattage, which are more reliable for any event

2.9V LED lamp makes it with high lumens

3.Pure white light (color temperature 6000K),

4. Input voltage is 220V (110V is also available). Working Voltage is 54V

5. Power is 11W

6.Easy & Safe Plug & Play installation

7.When you need a long light stem for your taller display stand, arm light PL90 is ideal for illuminating your graphic or products.

Display arm light details

  1. LED lamp cover

  ①LED lamp with aluminum cover

  ②Good heat dissipation

  2.Arm light lamp head

  ① Aluminum PCB lamp head housing to protect aluminum panel LED lamp.

  ② Safe isolation of current, heat dissipation, increase the   service life of the lamp.

  ③The lamp head can be controlled up and down to 180° torsion distance.

  3.Plastic power-driven


  ②With 10′ (2.8m) cord

 4.Slide base

  ① Lightweight

  ② The base adopts tenon and joint structure,making it  easy  to slide to the pole

  5.Usage of the arm light

  ① Offers almost 180 degree rotation along with tilt action (up and down) to direct the light to your           desired position.

Application of the arm light.

Products can be used in a variety of indoor scenes, such as the exhibition system, the exhibition hall,can also be applied to products, such as draw the net, the background wall, the display frame.

Please contact us freely if you have some questions and requirements.

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