Outdoor advertising display will be more and more popular,using data to speak!


Outdoor advertising display in the case of large graphic, visual direct, strong impact force advantages become one of the most effective means to promote customer market. As a high maturity and acceptability advertising media, outdoor advertising display stand continuous innovation in format. ACPASS DISPLAY Outdoor Poster Banner WGS9912 bring the new highlights to display system.

1.Outdoor advertising income has been consistent growth.

In the world, outdoor advertising market share of traditional media advertising (television,print media,radio,outdoor)has increased from 8% to 10%.

Outdoor advertising is the only continuous growth media in the past ten years.In the next five years,outdoor advertising revenue will grow at an annual rate of 4%,reach $33 billion by 2021.

According to CTR ’s latest advertising spending statistics,in the first half of this year,China’s outdoor advertising cost reached 13 billion 675 million yuan, an increase of 23% over the same period last year,leading to an increase in television,newspapers and other media.

2.Outdoor advertising is more effective.

Outdoor advertising display media greatly enhanced the activation of the network media.In particular,it can reach 50% in search.A research indicate,48% of consumers will be more inclined to click on ads on mobile devices after they are exposed to outdoor advertising.

Found in market research,the consumers think outdoor advertising is more effective than other media.Among the 500 interviewees,446 people outdoor were more likely to remember goods.The following order is network media, television, radio, newspapers and magazines.

3.Outdoor advertising is more recollection.

A market research study indicate that people’s recall of outdoor advertisements is higher than that of TV,radio,internet and print media.People are exposed to outdoor advertising more rates than other media in the outdoor,and seeing more times will affect consumption decisions more easily.

4.Outdoor advertising is high rate of return on investment.

According to the latest analysis of the investment returns of the advertising media,consumers cost $1 on the outdoor advertising,which can generate nearly $6 in sales revenue.Outdoor advertising display may not affect immediate sales, but it will have a huge impact on future sales.

5.ACPASS Outdoor Display can help you improve your advertising results.

Outdoor Poster Banner WGS9912 is the largest display frame in the current outdoor display,it can display the biggest graphic is (width)3000mm,(high)2300mm.The graphic size can better display your ads.And this stand is double-sided,which can watch graphic display in the both sides of the frame.

Outdoor Poster Banner WGS9912 is outdoor display banner that can bear maxi 7 level wind,and it’s also a displays which can be quickly installed and disassembled.IF you meet a very big,very strong wind,as long as 3 minutes you can remove and save the graphic,then the wind is small,you use 3 minutes to put back the graphic,very easy and convenient.

Outdoor Poster Banner WGS9912 graphic is fabric,the whole frame is aluminum alloy,the weight box is plastic PP,all parts and graphic are made of environmentally friendly materials and can be used repeatedly.

Let ACPASS Outdoor Poster Banner WGS9912 help you,improve your outdoor advertising display results.This great outdoor display product will bring

a huge promotion for your brand publicity.

Note:plus product pictures,and photos in outdoor test.

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