Outdoor Poster Banner product WGS9912


This product WGS9912 is our new Outdoor Poster Banner, and we displayed this product at the APPPEXPO2018 Shanghai. It can bear maxi 7 level wind, and the plastic tank can be filled with water or sand.The most customers tested its ability. And we can provide graphic printing, which is so clear and the color is bright, let you have the frame and the graphic at one time,do you have the heartbeat?

At this exhibition we display two sizes, one of which is 1000 x 2300mm, which is flexible and compact, and we can offer two styles: fabric material and PP graphic.

The other size is 2400x2300mm, which is bigger and wider than the first.Two plastic tanks can keep your ads alive.This product can be used in shopping malls, gas stations and other outdoor place. It can fully meet your advertising space, make your ads unique and attract more attention.

The products are very easy to install and disassemble, shipment is also very convenient.

If you have any questions,please contact us.

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