Outdoor Poster Banner WGS9912


Dear friends, we have met again.

Today, I recommend an outdoor poster stand. Yes, this is a pure commercial advertisement soft text.

There are many kinds of indoor poster banner ,How many poster banners have you seen in in the outdoor to resist the strong wind? Next, we will show you the pride of our product in video.

As seen , WGS9912 has the following advantages:

1. Specification: 1000*2300mm, the stand with wide graphic, can be more rich in your advertising content.

2. Double-sided graphic display, bring double advertising display effect.

3. Wide base, make the stand more stable.

4. Fabric graphic or PP graphic, Installation is simple.

5. The stand structure is simple to build and more convenient to install.

6. Aluminum frame, firm and durable.

7. It can withstand the fifth or sixth wind.

8.Provide graphic printing services, print out more vivid pictures.


1.The spring on the base dissipate the energy of wind, preventing the entire shelf from being damaged by the wind

2.Pour water from mouth to increase its weight. The tank filled with water can enhance frame stability in the  wind.

3.Screw knob tightly to fix the pole of frame.

4.We use hole and spring button to snap the poles.


Fabric:Graphic size:1000x2240mm(39.4×88.2in)

PP:Graphic size:845x2070mm(33.3×81.5in)

5.Product Components:

1.Plastic tank

2.Aluminum poles

3.Connection parts



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