Outdoor Roll Up – V602T


As outdoor roll up, V602T is made from silver aluminium and black plastic end cap, streamlined design, double sided graphic, all make this roll up look simple and elegant.

It can be used for bank, or company reception.

Or used for wedding show

Real estate advertising

4S shop

The hole with spring is one of bright spots, open the end cap, you can see the locking part which can adjust the spring according to the weather.

Extra 4 ground spikes are the other bright spots of this product, which can be inserted in mud and snowfield. The stability of outdoor roll up can be guareented.

Therefore the wind resistance is strong and it can suffer from wind speed of 10m/s.

Oxford carry bag is eqquiped which can be easy for carry. If you feel worried about the graphic, ACPASS can provide the printing service also.

The PP material graphic of the roll up has characteristics of light weight, good toughness, heat resistant and so on, and is printed by 6 color printer, Eco-solvent, which makes the graphic with high precision and have the advantages of environmental and good properties of weatherproof.

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