Outdoor Roll Up V603T -dancing with wind


More and more people prefer to going outdoor than staying at home,so many outdoor activities organized begin to catch on,this is a chance that put your products display to someone.How to make goods more attractive,you need something is not only high quality,but also advertising which is a way to give a deep impression for someone who may need it .

Outdoor Roll Up: V603T  

Product size:850×2000mm,the weight is 7 kg

●The support pole and wide base improve the outdoor wind resistance.

●With double sided graphics to display.

●Easy to install and carry.

●Widely use in all outdoor activities.

V603T has passed the wind-resistant test which can bear 7 level wind in our factory ,In order to increase the stand firm under the high wind ,there have four nails that suitable for mud,sand and snowfield,all this ,the stand can dance with wind in the nature.

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