Sorry, we cancelled EUROSHOP’s attending


We believe that you have got from News that a Corona Virus has been epidemic in China since earlier Jan,2020, it’s really a big disaster. But Chinese government has leading us make effective action to eliminate the Virus, everyone stay at home to prevent the spread of the Virus now. We are very lucky, up to now, all of ACPASS’s employee and their families are free of the Virus. We know that you are also concerned about it and we are very thanks for that.

For still very serious condition, we make a difficult decision that we cancel our trip to Euroshop in Feb, although our staff all very healthy, to avoid bring any potential risk of infection to anyone in the exhibition, we’d better stay at home until the Virus to be eliminated.

We are very sorry for that, we have prepared our latest products, hope could show to you in Euroshop and get your valuable comments face to face. We believe avoid any potential risk for our customers is what we should do, no matter is product idea or physical. Also we believe that China will soon be able defeat the Virus, we are looking forward to see you very soon with our latest new products. Please believe that ACPASS is always the best.

Thank you

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