The combination of artistic and value for the GS901


Nowadays, there are many kinds of indoor poster banner on the market, including numerous styles of roll ups, A-poster banner, X-poster banner, door-poster banner and so on. However, according to the current situation of customers, it is generally believed that these exhibition racks are of low quality, higher price, inconvenient carrying, complex installation and large packaging volume.

In the face of these problems, we also want to open up a new way to solve these problems for our customers.

GS901 poster banner stand emerged as the times require.

This is an indoor display stand, artistic and concise, refined temperament. Such an poster banner is pleasant even if it does not display advertisement pictures. Adding advertisement pictures can make your propaganda achieve better results.


other size ;600*2000mm



The biggest advantage of this stand is that it’s very straight. Many of them can be seen from the same angle when they are put one line.

Aluminum material,this  stand is very strong and durable, with light-weight and easy to portable.

The base can be changed and folded ,easy to pack.

Free-hand installation, no tools required

Double-sided graphic,pillowcase polyester graphic or hang PP graphic.

We can supply you best printing service,can help you reduce the imaging cost.

It can be used in shopping malls, schools, hospitals, exhibition halls, signs and so on.

We don’t make products that customers disagree with. ACPASS has always maintained the concept of “innovation, product value” to provide customers with good products and valuable products.

Other GS series poster banner for your choose!




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