The Promotion table is coming strong


Today we introduce a multi-functional promotion table, which integrates exhibition, storage and promotion functions. It is our PT32-P, debut.

This is a multi-fuctional LED lightbox promotion table,multiple combinations can extend different shapes of promotion counter,which can be combined into one font,an L or square shape.

2. Regular size: 480*960*1000mm    

   Other sizes: 480*480*1000mm     

3.The advantage of this product is three-sided lighting,LED light on the side,which is easy and fast to install.

4. There are lockers in the promotion desk, which are divided into upper and lower floors and can store large items.

5. Aluminium profiles, modular installation, modules are connected via quick connectors and can be installed quickly and easily without any tools.

6.The printing of promotion table is installed by SEG silicone which is fast and 

convenient.Lightbox graphic can be printed by UV,also can be Dye sublimation printing.

7.The promotion table is suitable for exhibition,also for conference plaform,shopping mall.

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