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I went to the mall two days ago and found a very interesting phenomenon. Every restaurant has a display stand with menus for guests to browse. I was also very free,i looked all menus of the display stand. After all, I finally found what I wanted to eat, and went straight to the restaurant to order. Regarding the menu display stand, I think the shops are also very smart. First, it is convenient for customers. When you look at the menu, you can go directly to order. The second is to facilitate yourself. The customer does not need to around the server to ask what food is in the store. Symbol of progress in the times.

There are many types of display stands, which are widely used. There are menu displays for catering, and more for the company. Brochure holder show the corporate culture and company products, and is oriented to the company’s employees and customers. Available in different styles and colors. The following are some of the company’s hot sales brochure holder, I will give you a brief introduction.

Brochure holder BH511

Brochure holder BH511 used folding design ,sets up and collapses in minutes,enough space to show your literature, a solid base design and elegant design will attract more attention of customers.It is?perfect for a variety of settings. A great addition to lobbies, meeting halls, civic centers, or airports.This brochure holder can be easily taken for transportation and storage.

Product details

●  The size 230*375*1570mm

●  The weight of BH511 is 5KGS

●  Available in white , blue,green ,grey and black color

●  Keep your image and brochures displayed and organized

●  Keep in soft carry case

Other ACPASS brochure holders display for you

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and enquiry for brochure holders.we always at your service.



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