Auto Sanitizer Stand GS101-HS

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  • GS101-HS

    1.It was placed at the entrance to remind people to wash their hands.
  • Component

    1.Aluminum pole
    3.Steel base
    4.Sanitizer dispenser
    5.Hexagon Key
  • Free touch sanitizer box

    1.The sanitizer dispenser is installation in the middle of display stand.
    2.The sanitizer can drip automatically via infrared senor.
    3.Volume: 600ml
  • Dispenser installation

    1.Hang the box on the protruding screws of the tray.
  • Rectangluar steel base

    1.Size: 335x295mm
  • Pole connection

    1.Insert them together.
    2.Insert the screw into the holes of the two poles and tighten screw with a hexagon Key
  • Steel tray installation

    1.The tray is fixed to the pole by screws.

The touch free dispenser prevent virus contamination and auto mode can improve efficiency.

It is used to encourages people to wash their hands.

Suitable for high traffic areas: offices, schools, markets, factorys, playground, hospitals.

Capacity: 600mm

Height: 1500mm

MOQ: 1pcs

Payments: T/T  Paypal


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