Cross base FBG-31

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  • FBG-31

    1.It matches flying banner: FB31, FB5, FB6, FB10.
  • Component

    1.Steel curved feet
    2.Plastic rotator
    3.Metal pad and nut
  • Plastic rotator

    1.The beach flag and base are connected by a rotor.
    2.The axle is a fixed steel rod.
    3.The column is made of plastic.
  • Feet installation

    1.Put the longer foot on the shorter foot.
    2.Pass the rotator axle through the holes on the middle of feet.
    3.Put a steel pad on the feet and screw the nut tightly.
  • Length of foot

    1.The length of feet are 980mm.
  • Width of foot

    1.The width of foot is 46.4mm
  • Thickness of foot

    1.The thickness of foot is 23.4mm.

ACPASS Flag Cross base FBG-31

Product Name Cross base FBG-31
Product Code FBG-31
Product Spec
If it can be customized N/A
Product Feature

Product Frame Specs

Frame Size 1000x820x280mm(39.4×32.3x11in)
Frame Main Material Aluminum and plastic connector
Product Frame Weight 3kg(6.6LB)
Outer Package Weight(1pcs) 3.5kg(7.7LB)
Product Accessories Instruction

Product Package Specs

Package Bag N/A
Inner Package Size(WxDxH) Cardboard Box 1000x100x60mm(39.4×3.9×2.4in)
Product Quantity / Inner Carton 1pcs
Outer Package Size(WxDxH) Cardboard Box 1020x220x320mm(40.2×8.7×12.6in)
Product Quantity / Outer Carton 10pcs
Total Outer Package Weight 17kg(37.4LB)

Product Shiping Specs

20GP(General Purpose Container) 1970pcs
40GP(General Purpose Container) 3940pcs
40HQ(High Cube Container) 4785pcs
Express Service Available, MOQ: 1pcs

Product Maintenance

Warranty 365D(exclude force majeuce,aritificial factors)



Material:Aluminum frame and plastic connecter

Package:carton 1020x220x320mm 17kg 5pcs

Suitable flag: FB31, FB5, FB6, FB10

FBG-31 is a black cross base. The two ends of the base are bent downward to form an arch-shaped structure. The base is composed of two parts: a long aluminum strip (980 (length) x 46 (width)mm )and a short aluminum strip 890 (length) x 46 (width) mm). The feet are made of aluminum and the surface is sprayed with plastic, which can effectively prevent oxidation or corrosion when used outdoors. The outer shell of the rotor is made of plastic, which is light in weight and corrosion resistant.It is suitable for uneven gravel ground or soft sandy beach.

MOQ: 1pcs

Payments: T/T  Paypal


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