Exhibition Booth SCOD-FW402

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The aluminum column diameter is 130mm. It can support the whole frame steadily


Evey column is connected to a rectangle steel base. It can hold the whole frame steadily.


The height of aluminum beam is 300mm.


Slide the metal hook on the beam into the groove of the column.

Front frame corner

The front of frame corner:Use hook and groove to connect them together, then secure them firmly with the screws.

Back frame corner

The front of frame corner:Use hook and groove to connect them together, then secure them firmly with the screws.

LED spotlight

LED Spotlights installed under the beam can light the whole exhibition booth.

Wooden crate

One wooden crate with columns(WxDxH): 5890x700x490mm(232x28x19in). Everyone can hold four aluminum columns.

One wooden crate with beams(WxDxH): 5890x780x680mm(232x31x27in). Everyone can hold four aluminum beams.

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ACPASS Exhibition Booth SCOD-FW402
Product Name Exhibition Booth SCOD-FW402
Product Code SCOD-FW402
Product Spec 6×9
Product Other Spec N/A
If it can be customized N/A
Booth Quantity 6
Product Feature The suspanded LED display light can light the whole booth.
Product Frame Specs
Frame Size(WxDxH) 7370x5600x4310mm(290x220x170in)
Frame Main Material Aluminum(column and beam) and Steel(connector)
Product Frame Weight 379kg(834LB)
Product Accessories Three Socket Wrenches and Four Hexagon Keys(M4)
Product Package Specs
Outer Package Size(WxDxH) One Wooden Box 5890x680x780mm(338x27x31in)(beams)
One Wooden Box 5890x490x700mm(338x19x28in)(columns)
Total Outer Package Weight N/A
Product Shiping Specs
20GP(General Purpose Container) 5pcs
40GP(General Purpose Container) 10pcs
40HQ(High Cube Container) 13pcs
Express Service N/A
Product Maintenance
Warranty 365D(exclude force majeuce,aritificial factors)
  • 1. What is the difference between FW5 series and FW4 series?
  • The frame height of the FW5 series is 5510 mm, and the frame height of FW4 series is 4310 mm. The number of standard booth they occupied is same.
  • 2. Where can this product be used?
  • It is ideal for various indoor and outdoor trade shows, such as auto shows.
  • 3. Is it easy to install?
  • Installation is convenience and quick. Insert the connector on the beam into the top of the column, then tighten the screw.
  • 4. What are the advantages of this product?
  • The top of the frame can be hung with LED spotlights to provide bright light for the booth to attract customers. A small LED light box can also be hung on the top to show your logo or advertisement.
  • 5. Is it convenient to transport?
  • The product is placed inside a wooden box. The internal structure of the wooden box prevents the product from slipping and prevents damage during transportation.

Spec: 6×9

Booth Quatity: 6

Frame size(WxDxH): 7370x5600x4310mm

Frame weight: 379kg

Frame material: Four aluminum poles and Four aluminum beams; steel connector.

Accessory: It can hang spotlight and lightbox on the top.

Wooden Package(WxDxH): One Wooden Box 5890x680x780mm(338x27x31in)(beams)
One Wooden Box 5890x490x700mm(338x19x28in)(poles)

Application: Indoor trade show, particularly car exhibition.

MOQ: 1pcs

Payments: T/T Paypal


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