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One stop service

We not only provide you frame, but also print graphics for you.

This service give you complete product and save your budget.

3.2 printing machine

The max width of directly sublimation printing is 3.2m.

It is suitable for printing wide and large graphics,such as background.

Printing Room

This is our dustless printing room. The max printing capacity is 2000㎡ per day

directly sublimation printing

Each printed graphic will be beautifully packed and delivered to you.

directly sublimation printing

Each printed graphic will be beautifully packed and delivered to you.

Material of graphic

Graphic is printed by directly sublimation printer make it more bright-coloured



  • Outdoor event snowfield

  • Outdoor event along the road

  • Outdoor event playground

  • Outdoor event square

  • Used to attract customers at the front store

ACPASS Printing Service for Flag, Flying Banner
Graphic Material Semitransparent polyester
Thickness of Graphic Material 0.25mm
Grammage of Graphic Material 110g/㎡
Printing Technology directly sublimation printing
Printing capacity 2000㎡/d
Printing Width 3.2m
Application Flying Banner, Flag
Express Service Available
  • 1. Accept retail orders and can send express delivery for you.
  • 2. What are the characteristics of the beach flag graphic?
  • The beach flag graphic is usually made of single-sided translucent polyester cloth. The material is light and can flutter in the wind. We can also make a double-sided beach flag graphic according to your requirements (sewing two one-sided graphics together).
  • 3. How to install the graphic?
  • 1. Insert the flagpole from the bottom of the sleeve at the edge of the graphic. 2. Pull down the graphic to the bottom of the flagpole. 3. Tie the cord at the bottom of the graphic to the hook at the bottom of the flagpole.
  • 4. What is directly sublimation printing technology?
  • The micro piezoelectric inkjet nozzle is controlled by the computer to directly spray low-energy, easy-to-sublimate ink on the polyester cloth. After printing is completed, heating is required to sublimate the solvent in the ink and fix the dye on the fabric.
  • 5. What is the advantage of one-stop service?
  • We not only produce frames for display stand, but also provide graphic printing services. What you buy from us will be a complete set of product. You don’t need to look for both the frame supplier and the graphic supplier at the same time, it can save you time and money.
  • 6. How to find us to print?
  • If you bought our frame and want to print the graphic, please find the product page on the website, and then find the graphic template in the download column of the product page (or send an email to the salesman for the template file ). If your display stand is bought from others and you want to equip your display stand with graphics, please send us your template files, artwork and production requirements. We will make the graphic according to your request.

We not only sell display stand, but also provide graphic printing services for you.

Our team can customize flag graphics of various sizes and shapes for you, such as blade-shape flag, teardrop-shaped flag, rectangle flag, ect.

Graphic is light and thin, so it can flutter in the wind.

The single-sided graphic of the beach flag is made of translucent polyester. We also provide double-sided flag: sew two single-sided graphics together.

Printing: directly sublimation printing

hickness: 0.25mm

GrammageT: 110g/㎡

MOQ: 1pcs

Payments: T/T Paypal


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