Outdoor Banner Stand AS02

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ACPASS Outdoor Banner Stand AS02
Product Name Outdoor Banner Stand AS02
Product Code AS02
Product Spec N/A
Product Other Spec N/A
If it can be customized N/A
Product Feature
Product Frame Specs
Frame Size 5000x820x2500mm(196.9×32.3×98.4in)
Frame Main Material Aluminum Plastic
One Base Volume 25kg(55LB)
Product Frame Weight 33kg(72.6LB)
Outer Package Weight(1pcs) 42kg(92.4LB)
Product Accessories Instruction
Product Package Specs
Package Bag EPE Oxford Bag(0.25pcs)
Inner Package Size Cardboard Box 150x120x1750mm(5.9×4.7×68.9in) / 870x300x500mm(34.3×11.8×19.7in)
Product Quantity / Inner Carton 0.25pcs
Outer Package Size Cardboard Box 1770x320x670mm(70×12.6×26.4in)
Product Quantity / Outer Carton 1pcs
Total Outer Package Weight 40kg(88LB)
Graphic Specs
Graphic Size 5000x2000mm(196.9×78.7in)
Graphic Material Polyester
Thickness of Graphic Material 0.53mm
Grammage of Graphic Material 230g/㎡
Printing Technology Direct Sub Printing
Product Shiping Specs
20GP(General Purpose Container) 73pcs
40GP(General Purpose Container) 146pcs
40HQ(High Cube Container) 179pcs
Express Service Available, MOQ: 1pcs
Product Maintenance
Warranty 365D(exclude force majeuce,aritificial factors)
  • 1.Outdoor Banner Stand AS02 is a large outdoor banner stand with double-sided graphics.
  • 2.Use hooks in the top and bottom of frame hook through grommets in graphic to fix your graphic.The PP or fabric graphic is very convenient to install and take down.
  • 3.The portion above base is made of aluminum and the base is plastic PP.AS02 will be very heavy, when every base is filled with 25 liter water or sand.
  • 4.It can resist moderate breeze(4 Beaufort scale) and completely satisfy your general outdoor activities. It can be used in the mall entrance, exhibition hall, gas station, park, and various competition places.
  • 5.We can print graphic for you, helping you get the whole set of the display with minimal effort and reduce your cost.

Frame size: 5000x820x2500mm

Frame weight: 33kg

Base: Four PP containers can be filled with 72 liter water or sand  in total.

Wind Resistence: Beaufort Level 4

Pakage carton: 1770x320x670mm, 42kg

Graphic: It can hang double graphics(5000x2000mm) in front and back of this display stand. It is made of pp or textile.

MOQ: 1pcs

Payments: T/T  Paypal


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