Outdoor Poster Banner WGS9912

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  • WGS9912

    1.Outdoor poster banner WGS9912 is used in outdoor marketing event.
  • Windproof

    1.Outdoor poster banner WGS9912 can sway in the wind.
  • Component

    1.Plastic tank
    2.PET graphic
    3.Aluminum poles
    4.Connection parts
  • Water tank

    1.Pour water from mouth to increase its weight. The tank filled with water can enhance frame stability in the wind.
    2.Volume: 32L
  • Wheel in water tank

    1.The water tank with wheel make it more convenient to carry.
  • Spring for swaying

    1.The spring on the base dissipate the energy of wind, preventing the frame from being damaged by the wind.
  • Knob for connection

    1.Tighten the knob to connect the side pole and the bottom pole.
  • Knob for connection

    1.Screw the knob to connect bottom poles.
  • Side pole connection

    1.We use hole and spring button to snap the poles.
  • Printing

    3.Printer:Direct sublimation printing.

ACPASS Outdoor Poster Banner WGS9912
Product Name Outdoor Poster Banner
Product Code WGS9912
Product Spec 850x2000mm(33.5×78.7in)
If it can be customized N/A
Product Feature Available
Product Frame Specs
Frame Size 810x550x2280mm(31.9×21.7×89.8in)
Frame Main Material Aluminum and plastic
One Base Volume 32kg(70.4LB)
Product Frame Weight 8kg(17.6LB)
Outer Package Weight(1pcs) 11kg(24.2LB)
Product Accessories Instruction
Product Package Specs
Package Bag EPE Oxford Bag (1pcs)
Inner Package Size N/A
Product Quantity / Inner Carton N/A
Outer Package Size Cardboard Box1040x240x560mm(40.9×9.4x22in)
Product Quantity / Outer Carton 1pcs
Total Outer Package Weight 11kg(24.2LB)
Graphic Specs
Graphic Size 850x2000mm(33.5×78.7in)
Graphic Material Polyester
Thickness of Graphic Material 0.53mm
Grammage of Graphic Material 230g/㎡
Printing Technology Direct sublimation printing
Product Shiping Specs
20GP(General Purpose Container) 201pcs
40GP(General Purpose Container) 402pcs
40HQ(High Cube Container) 489pcs
Express Service Available, MOQ: 1pcs
Product Maintenance
Warranty 365D(exclude force majeuce,aritificial factors)
  • 1. Q: Can ACPASS outdoor Poster Banner WGS9912 be used by the sea ?
  • A: Yes, It can be used outdoors in a moderate gale as well as by the sea.
  • 2. Q: Can it be used in skiing field?
  • A: Yes, it can be used in skiing field because it is not only windproof, its parts all can work well under low temperature.
  • 3. Q: Can it be used in square?
  • A: Yes, it can be used outdoors. The base are connected by spring, so the outdoor poster banner WGS9912 can swing in the wind, beautiful to see.
  • 4.Q: Can it be carried around?
  • A: Yes, outdoor poster banner is portable with a oxford packing bag.
  • 5.Q: Can it be used repeatedly?
  • A: Yes, of course, it can be used repeatedly, and the assembly and disassembly is very convenient. Only the durable and easy-use poster banner can help you save your budget and the labour installation costs.
  • 6. Q: Is the pillowcase graphic made of fabric?
  • A: Yes, the graphic is fabric and this material is popular all over the world, easy to carry and environmentally friendly.
  • 7.Q: Is printing fabric graphic complex?
  • A: No, it is very easy to print fabric graphic, as well as there is a textile printer. So if you do not have a textile printer, you can ask ACPASS Display for help. We not only have best display equipment but also the best textile printing service.
Outdoor Poster Banner WGS9912
Product Name Product Specification Product Stats Product Download
Outdoor Poster Banner WGS9912 1000*2300mm PDF
Outdoor Poster Banner WGS9912 1000*2300mm AI
Outdoor Poster Banner WGS9912 1000*2300mm CDR

Spec: 1000x2300mm

Other Sepc: N/A

Frame Size: 810x550x2280mm

Frame weight: 8kg

Carton: 1040x240x560mm,11kg

Water base: One plastic base can contain 32 liter water or sand to increase weight.

Graphic: The 850x2000mm double sided pillowcase graphic is made of Polyester and printed by direct sublimation printer.

MOQ: 1pcs

Payments: T/T  Paypal

Model Number



No Graphic, Single Sided Graphic, Double Sided Graphic


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