Portable Modular Slatwall Display SW805

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Put your product on the board to present it to your customers.

Metal hook

Hang your product on the metal hook to present it to your customers.

LED display light

Fix LED display light on the top of wall to illuminate your product. We provide three different types of lights(PL30 PL80 Pl90) for your choice.


Use folding plastic connectors, you can create any style of slatwall display stand you want.


Plastic connectors can be used as feet of slatwall display.


Plastic connector are packaged by carton box.


We use four oxford bags to package the plastic boards.One bag contains six plastic boards.

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ACPASS Portable Modular Slatwall Display System SW805
Product Name Portable Modular Slatwall Display System SW805
Product Code SW805
Product Spec 3×3
Product Other Spec N/A
Standard Booth One can occupy one standard booth
If it can be customized Available
Product Feature You can put groceries in the wall to display them, LED Light can illuminate the display board, quick installation
Graphic Specs
Graphic Size 590x590mm(23x23in)
Graphic Material plastic board
Thickness of Graphic Material N/A
Grammage of Graphic Material N/A
Printing Technology UV printing
Product Frame Specs
Dimension(WxDxH) 2960x555x2400mm(117x22x94in)
Frame Main Material  plastic, Expanded PVC Sheet
Frame Net Weight 73kg(161lb)
Outer Package Weight(1pcs) 80kg(176lb)
Product Accessories Instruction
Product Package Specs
Package Bag EPE Oxford Bag (1pcs)
Inner Package Size N/A
Product Quantity / Inner Carton N/A
Outer Package Size(WxDxH) Carton box 620x620x180mm(24x24x7in)
Outer Carton 4 cartons per piece
Total Outer Package Weight 20kg(44lb)x4=80kg(176lb)
Product Shiping Specs
20GP(General Purpose Container) 101pcs
40GP(General Purpose Container) 202pcs
40HQ(High Cube Container) 246pcs
Express Service Available
Product Maintenance
Warranty 365D(exclude force majeuce,aritificial factors)
  • The unit of modular slatwall display is a square white plastic board (SWP101). They are connected by foldable plastic hinges. Built by different number of boards, this product has different sizes. The joints of the board can be folded to give the slatwall different styles. The length and width of each board is 590mm respectively and unit weighs 3kg. There are six 468x8mm grooves on each plastic board. Plastic hooks, aluminum alloy hooks, plastic baskets and other objects can be hooked on these grooves. If you feel that the trade show’s light is too dark, you can add LED spotlights on the top of the wall to illuminate your products. We offer UV printing service and can print your logo on the board.
  • 1. Is there any other color besides white?
  • We have two colors, white and black for you to choose from.
  • 2. Can the unit of modular slatwall display be customized?
  • No
  • 3. How to install it?
  • The corner of board have a plastic piece that matches the connectors. When installing, insert the corner of plastic board into the groove of plastic hinge. The whole step is very simple and convenient.
  • 4. How many styles does this product have?
  • We currently offer 10 styles for you to choose from. These boards can be assembled and folded according to your needs, so you can also assemble other styles.
  • 5. What is max load of shelf, hook?
  • The maximum load of each hook is 6kg, and the maximum load of the shelf is 8kg.
  • 6. What are other accessories besides hook and shelf?
  • Plastic basket, plastic hook etc.
  • 7. Can the accessories such as hooks, shelves, LED light, etc, be sold with slatwall?
  • These things are purchased extra.
  • 8. Is the it easy to carry?
  • We provide oxford bags for this product, and each bag can hold 6 boards (SWP101) for easy portability and transportation.
  • 9. What kind of products can you display on your slatwall?
  • It can display clothing, shoes, stationery, musical instruments, sporting goods, tools, outdoor products, lamps, decorations etc.

1.Product spec: 3×3

2.Dimension(WxDxH): 2970x555x2400mm

3.It is made of 24pcs of SWP101 slatwall display boards

4.The max load of the whole front wall: 140kg

5.It can be assembled with three LED spotlights

6.The package dimension(WxDxH): 620x620x180mm, 20kgs/ctn,4ctns in total .

7.It is suitable for 3mX3m(10’x10’)booths and exhibition.

LED Spotlights, hooks and shelves are not included in a set of product and need to be buy separately.

MOQ: 1pcs

Payments: T/T Paypal


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