Protective sneeze guard shield FP05-PG

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  • FP05-PG

    1.It is used in shop, coffee cafe, bakery counter and other crowded places to reduce social contact.
  • Suspension

    1.The frame was suspended from the ceiling by nylon cord.
    2.Transparent plastic board was embeded on the inner side groove of frame.
  • Width of groove

    1.The groove on the inner side of the frame used to catch the plastic borad is 6.9mm wide.
  • Depth of groove

    1.The depth of groove 5.4mm.
  • Thickness of transparent board

    1.The thickness of transparent board ranges from 2mm to 5mm.
    2.Your logo can be printed on it by UV printer.
ACPASS Protective sneeze guard shield FP05-PG
Product Name Protective sneeze guard shield FP05-PG
Product Code FP05-PG
Product Spec 1200x800mm(47.2×31.4in)
Product Other Spec 1000x800mm(39.4×31.5in)
If it can be customized Available
Product Feature
Product Frame Specs
Frame Size 1200x800mm(47.2×31.4in)
Frame Main Material Aluminum, Zinc Alloy(corner)
Product Frame Weight 5kg/11LB(include graphic)
Outer Package Weight(1pcs) 7kg(15.4LB)
Product Accessories Instruction
Product Package Specs
Package Bag N/A
Inner Package Size (WxDxH) N/A
Product Quantity / Inner Carton N/A
Outer Package Size (WxDxH) Cardboard Box 1220x80x820mm(48×3.1×32.3in)
Product Quantity / Outer Carton 4pcs
Total Outer Package Weight 23kg(50.6LB)
Graphic Specs
Graphic Size 1170x770mm(46.1×30.3in)
Graphic Material Acrylic/PETG/PC
Thickness of Graphic Material 2-5mm
Grammage of Graphic Material N/A
Printing Technology UV printing
Product Shiping Specs
20GP(General Purpose Container) 1400pcs
40GP(General Purpose Container) 2800pcs
40HQ(High Cube Container) 3400pcs
Express Service Available, MOQ: 1pcs
Product Maintenance
Warranty 365D(exclude force majeuce,aritificial factors)

MOQ: 1pcs

Payments: T/T  Paypal


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