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Flat and straight,no curling edge

Flat and straight,no curling edge


Both layers are made of pet, with the same shrinkage, and will not curl.

Excellent blockout , not to affect the front image due to the light passing through (no appearance of the vertical bar of roll-up)

High temperature and low temperature resistance,no deformation in summer, no crack in winter.

Food grade environmental friendly material, 100% recyclable under international recycling code 1.

Thickened fast ink absorption coating, high color reproduction,not easy to fade and became yellow.

PET graphic

Protecting Film

Printing Ink

High color reproduction and ink absorption coating

175μm high opacity white PET

20μm high opacity greyback PET


The max printed width is 1.3m.

This is our dustless printing room. The max printing capacity is 3000㎡ per day

Printed Graphics

Each printed graphic will be beautifully packed and delivered to you.

One stop service

We not only provide you roll up banner, but also print graphics for you.

This service give you complete product and save your budget.

  • Customers’ graphic display-1

  • OCustomers’ graphic display-2

  • Customers’ graphic display-3

  • 2m wide roll up banner V811

  • Used as event background

ACPASS Printing Service for Roll up Banner
Graphic Material PET
Thickness of Graphic Material 0.26mm
Grammage of Graphic Material 260g/㎡
Printing Technology directly sublimation printing.
Printing capacity 2000㎡/d
Printing Width 1.3m
Application Roll up banner
Express Service Available
Advantage Graphic is straight and flat, the edge isn’t be curled.
  • 1. Accept retail orders and can send express delivery for you.
  • 2. What are the characteristics of the roll-up graphic?
  • The graphic of our roll up banner is made of special PET material. When used for a long time, the edges of the graphic are not easy to curl. When not in use, the graphic can be rolled into the base to protect it from damage.
  • 3. How to install the roll-up graphic?
  • Insert the pin into the base to lock the leader and prevent it from retract into the base. 2 Remove the tape on the leader, stick the bottom of the graphic to the leader, and then stick another tape on the joint. 3 Slide the top of graphic into the top bar and then clamp the graphic. 4 Insert the support pole into the round hole in the middle of the base. Finally, use the top of support pole to hold the top bar.
  • 4. What is water-based pigment ink?
  • Water-based ink is an environmentally friendly ink made of specific water-based polymer resins, pigments, water, and additives. The nozzle sprays the ink directly on the special printing material, then ink will quickly dry out to dye the material. It is characterized by strong color saturation, water resistance, scratch resistance, strong color fastness for fading resistance.
  • 5. What is the advantage of one-stop service?
  • We not only produce frames for display stand, but also provide graphic printing services. What you buy from us will be a complete set of product. You don’t need to look for both the frame supplier and the graphic supplier at the same time, it can save you time and money.
  • 6. How to find us to print?
  • If you bought our frame and want to print the graphic, please find the product page on the website, and then find the graphic template in the download column of the product page (or send an email to the salesman for the template file ). If your display stand is bought from others and you want to equip your display stand with graphics, please send us your template files, artwork and production requirements. We will make the graphic according to your request.

The roll-up graphic is generally PET. We use the 1.3m wide 6-color water-based pigment printing technology to print the roll-up graphic for you.

Our roll-up graphics use environmentally friendly water-based pigments and high-quality PET materials, making the graphic clear and high resolution; Above all , the printed graphic is flat and straight, not easy to curl.

The surface of the roll-up screen is affixed with a high-permeability cold film to protect the graphic, avoiding scratches on the graphic and affecting the display effect.

It is easy to curl the roll up graphic into a roller shape, and can be easily placed in the base of the roll-up with little space, easy to take along anywhere.

The roll-up material has a weight of 260g/m2 and a thickness of 0.26mm.6.We provide free graphic printing service to the world and look forward to your testing

MOQ: 1pcs

Payments: T/T Paypal


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