SEG Lightbox SLB18-D

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SEG Lightbox SLB18-D

It is suitable for indoor tradeshow,commercial promotion,display hall.


LED strips

Aluminum frame

Fabric graphic

LED strip

Head: transformer and plastic connectors is on the head

Tail: plastic connector is on the tail

LED strip installation (head)

The LED strips are fixed on the frame by plastic connectors.

Slide the top of LED strip into the plastic connector.

There is a transformer on the head of strip.

LED strip installation (tail)

The LED strips are fixed by plastic connector.

Slide the tail of LED strip into the plastic connector.

Plug, switch, wide base

The plug and switch is on the base of lightbox.

Three hole plug is used to prevent electric shock.

The wide base can support the lightbox firmly.

Mortise and tenon joint

We use mortise and tenon joint to connects two pieces of frame firmly.

Insert tenon into the mortise(the hollow aluminum frame).

Steel sheet for reinforcement

Put the steel sheet on the corner of the frame, then tighten the screws to reinforce the frame.

Frame thickness 180mm

The aluminum frame thickness is 180mm.

SEG graphic

Silicon strips are sewn on the perimeter of graphic.

Press the silicon strip into the groove of channel bar.

The SEG graphic make it easy to change or install graphic.

Groove width

The groove on the frame perimeter for SEG graphic installation is 5.5mm wide.

Groove depth

The groove on the frame perimeter for SEG graphic installation is 15.5mm deep.


Size: 1015x1995mm



Graphic is printed by 6 color UV printer make it more bright-coloured

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Product Name SEG Lightbox
Product Code SLB18-D
Product Spec 1000x2000mm(39.4×78.4in)
If it can be customized Available
Product Feature
Frame Specs
Dimension(WxDxH) 1025x410x2090mm(40.4×16.1×82.3in)
Frame Material Aluminum Plastic
Frame Weight 28kg(61.6LB)
Gross Weight 35kg(77LB)
Accessories Instruction Power Cable(3-pin plug)4mm Hexagon Key
Electric Parameter
Light Source Backlit LED
Color temperature 6000K
Total Pow 286W
Input corrent 2.6A/5.2A
Input Voltage 110-240V
Graphic Specs
Graphic Size 1015x1995mm(40×78.5in)
Graphic Material Polyester
Thickness of Graphic Material 0.22mm
Grammage of Graphic Material 140g/㎡
Printing Technology 6 Color UV Printing
Product Packge
Package size Custom
Express Service Available, MOQ: 1pcs
Product Maintenance
Warranty 365D(exclude force majeuce,aritificial factors)
  • 1.Q:Can we use your lightbox as single side lightbox?
  • A:Sure, Beside the double side using,You can also use our lightbox as single side lightbox.
  • 2.Q:Which materials you are using for your lightbox ? Is it UV printing?
  • A:Aluminum is used to make its frame and the graphic is printed by UV printer. According to your need, direct sublimation printing is also available.
  • 3.Q:What size of lightbox do you have?
  • A:600x1800mm, 850x2000mm, 1000x2000mm, 2000x2000mm, other size can be custom.
  • 4.Q:What is the thickness of your lightbox?
  • A:100mm, 120mm, 180mm.
  • 5.Q:The voltage your lightbox is 110V, or 220V?
  • A:our power supply is suitable for 110V and 220V.
  • 6.Q:do you use fireproof materials? What is the fire grade?
  • A:The materials which used by our company already got fire prevention certification., fire rating has German  B1, and France M1
  • 7.Q:do you have a CE certification for your lightbox?
  • A:The LED module and power supply used in our lightbox are already certified by CE certification.
  • 8.Q:can we use your lightbox in outdoors?
  • A:The LED module and power supply on our lightbox can not reach the IP65 waterproof level, so it is not recommended for outdoor use for a long time. But if it is short term and weather condition is good, it can be used outdoors.
  • 9.Q:What is the advantage of your lightbox compared with other similar products?
  • A:Our main advantages as follows:
    (1)We have a in-house printing room to print your graphic.
    (2)Aluminum frame is portable and anti-rust.
    (3)More bright LED modules make our lightbox more bright than others.

Spec: 1000x2000mm

Dimension(WxDxH): 2015x410x2090mm

Frame weight: 28kg

Thickness of main frame is 180mm

Main mmaterial: Frame is made of aluminum and LED strip connectors are made of plastic.

Light Source: Backlit LED rigid strips.Brighter than normal lightbox

Power: 286W

Graphic: two 1015x1995mm silicon edge graphic

Other Light box size can be customized.

MOQ: 1pcs

Payments: T/T  Paypal


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