SEG Pop up Wall W22

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  • W22

    1.SEG pop up display W22 can be used as background for indoor tradeshow,commercial promotion.
  • Component

    1.Collapsable aluminum frame
    2.Channel bar
    3.Fabric graphics
  • Locking arm

    1.Press the plastic locking arm to snap them together.
  • Channel bar of front

    1.Channel bars are used to reinforce the frame.
    2.Easy installation: slide the channel bar into the slot of frame.
  • Connector

    1.The connecter is composed of bolt, nut, and two pieces(two ends are made of plastic and body is aluminum) with groove.
  • Connector

    1.The two pop up displays can be joined together to form a wider background.
    2.Embed the aluminum rod on the frame into the groove of the connector, then join the connector with screw.
  • Channel bar of side

    1.The side graphic is fixed on side channel bar.
  • Channel bar of side

    1.The side graphic is fixed on side channel bar.
  • SEG graphic

    1.Silicon strips are sewn on the perimeter of graphic.
    2.Press the silicon strip into the groove of channel bar.
    3.The SEG graphic make it easy to change or install graphic.
  • Groove width

    1.The groove width of channel bar is 4.5mm
  • Groove depth

    1.The groove depth of channel bar is 13.5mm
  • Printing

    3.Printer:8 color directly sublimation printing
    4.Graphic size: 2220x2220mm(front) 285x2220mm(side)
  • Case-1

  • Case-2

  • Case-3

  • Case-4

  • Case-5

  • 1.SEG POP UP W22 is composed of the aluminum frame and support bars for fixing graphics.
  • 2.Interestingly, SEG POP UP W22 can hang LED Rigid Bars inside so that you can choose to install lights to make it like a light box, enhancing the background graphic effection.
  • 3.We make the W22 graphics by textile direct-injection printing, more colorful and beautiful than by transfer printing.

Spec: 3×3

Other Spec: 1×3 2×3 4×3

Frame size(WxDxH): 2238x317x2238mm

Frame weight: 8.7kg

Pakage(WxDxH): 860x320x240mm(PP Corrugated board), 18kg

Graphic: front(2220x2220mm)

Graphic: side(285x2220mm)

MOQ: 1pcs

Payments: T/T Paypal

Model Number

1*3, 2*3, 3*3, 4*3


No Graphic, Single Sided Graphic, Double Sided Graphic


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